Result and Progress of the Joint Pilot Activities

Many JPAs were identified and implemented until now as shown in the following table.

List of JPAs

No.Sub Committee(SC)TitlePlaceMap Legend
1Wetland Ecosystem Conservation SC,
Conservation and Restoration Activity Working Group (WG))
Comprehensive ecosystem surveyWhole Anzali Wetland and surrounding area-
2Satellite tracking of migratory birdAnzali Wetland and foreign countries-
3Fish way installation trialPasikhan Dam on Pasikhan Riveranzali wetland map legend
4Control of invasive alien species (Water Hyacinth)Whole Anzali Wetland (Sangachin and Chekovar Area)anzali wetland map legend
5Monitoring WGWater and Sediment Monitoring1.Anzali port, 2.West Lagoon, 3.Sorkhankol, 4.Selkeh WR, 5.Siakeshim PA, 6.Pasikhan River, 7.Pirbazar R., 8.Khalkai Ranzali wetland map legend
6Natural environment monitoringWhole Anzali Wetland and surrounding area-
7Zoning and Land Use Management WG
Preparation of environmental zoning and land use guideline Whole Anzali Wetland and surrounding area-
8Boundary PatrolProtected areas (Selkeh WR, Sorkhankol WR, Chokum WR and Siahkesim PA)-
9Boundary Signboard InstallationBoundary of the protected areas (Selkeh WR, Sorkhankol WR and Siahkesim PA)anzali wetland map legend
10Enhancement of guard stations (Drone patrol of illegal hunting)Five guard stations (Ghalamgudeh, Sorkhankol, Selkeh, Siadarbishan, Espand)anzali wetland map legend
11Watershed Management SCInstallation of water level gauge stationsFour stations (1,Nahang Roga 2.Sorkhankol 3.Sosar Roga 4.Abkenar)anzali wetland map legend
12Integrated Planning Survey for Preparation of Countermeasures to Control the Sediment flow into WetlandAnzali Wetland Watershed-
13Construction work for mountain erosion controlAlenze mountain area (Masal River watershed)anzali wetland map legend
14Monitoring and study on the effects of constructed structure
15Sewage Management SCConstruction work of the vacuum sewage collection systemKoliver Area in Anzali Cityanzali wetland map legend
16Development and operation of the on-site sewage treatment systemMobarak Abad Villageanzali wetland map legend
17Waste Management SCValuable recyclables collectionDahaneh Sare Shijan Village(DSS)anzali wetland map legend
18Organic waste home composting and in-house treatmentDSSanzali wetland map legend
19Awareness Raising Signboards on Waste Bring-backDSS, Jirsar Bagherkhaleh and Khendekhaleh Villageanzali wetland map legend
20Introduction of waste bring back system in the Anzali Wetland5 major boat stations in Anzali Wetland-
21Ecotourism SCDevelopment of Community-Based EcotourismJirsar Bagherkhaleh Villageanzali wetland map legend
22Development of Ecotourism Center
23Development of Anzali Wetland Visitor CenterAnzali cityanzali wetland map legend
24Environmental Education SCImprovement of the Anzali Wetland EE Center(AWEEC)Selkeh Wildlife Refuge in Khendekhaleh Villageanzali wetland map legend
25Public open of AWEEC for visitors
26Biotope construction work
27Installation of signposts to AWEECKhendekhaleh Villageanzali wetland map legend
28Preparation of booklets for human and environment curriculum Schools around the Wetland-
29Development of Anzali Wetland Nature SchoolBeheshteh island in Anzali Cityanzali wetland map legend
30Student internet conference between Anzali and KushiroMirzakoochak Khan High School and Sharaf High School-
32Implementation of broader EE program in cooperation with NGOsAWEEC, Rasht, Anzali -
33Public Relation ActivitiesAnzali Wetland and its Watershed-
JPA Map of Anzali Wetland

JPA Map of Anzali Wetland

JPA Map of Anzali Wetland Watershed

JPA Map of Anzali Wetland Watershed