The technical Cooperation Project for Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project – Phase II Started in April 2014 and will last for five years

Prior to the phase II Project, JICA conducted the phase I project with related expertized organizations, such as Department of Environment (DOE), Gilan Province, DOE Gilan. In this phase I project, achievements such as establishment of the Anzali Wetland Management Committee (AWMC), environmental zoning, manuals for monitoring environmental education, and Eco-Tourism should be desiring special mention.

Following the achievements of phase I project, the phase II project aim to establish an integrated management system of Anzali Wetland with effective involvement of all stakeholders, by achieving:

  • Enhancement of the capacity of AWMC

  • Identification and implementation of joint pilot activities

  • Knowledge and experience sharing domestically and internationally

To accomplish the said project purpose, proactive participation in the project, effective coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders are highly expected under the initiative of DOE Gilan Province.

Five years later, when the project terminates, we will be able to mention that the integrated Anzali Wetland management system under the AWMC may be recognized as a conservation model for wetlands in the Islamic Republic of Iran and other regions.

And Anzali Wetland will receive clean water to sustain an attractive landscape and supports rich biodiversity where local communities make wise-use of its resources as natural heritage and enhance cooperation among the organization involved.