The Joint Pilot Activities

Satellite Tracking of Migratory Bird

  • Purpose: To identify migratory routes and destinations of migratory birds of Anzali Wetland and to establish a wetland network cooperation with other countries to conserve the flyway.
  • Outcome: Stopover and breeding sites for Dalmatian Pelicans and wintering sites for Purple Herons were identified.
  • Future Plan: Additional Pelican’s satellite tracking survey will be implemented in coming winter. Wetland network cooperation with Caspian Sea coastal countries should be established.
  • Topic: Immature Dalmatian Pelicans moved to Ghizil-agaj State Reserve in Azerbaijan as stop-over site and migrated to Volga Delta in Russia from spring to summer.A Purple Heron migrated to Hawizeh Wetland on the border between Iran and Iraq and the other Purple Heron migrated to Izad Khast Dam Reservoir in Fars Province for wintering.
Satellite Tracking of Migratory Bird Anzali wetland
Satellite Tracking of Migratory Bird Anzali wetland