Kushiro-shitsugen (Kushiro Wetland) Located in Kushiro City, Kushiro Town, Shibecha Town and Tsurui Village
Registered on the Ramsar List in 1980 (7,863ha)

Kushiro-shitsugen is Japan’s largest wetland, extending 36 km from north to south and 25 km from east to west with a total area of 22,070 ha . It was Japan’s first wetland to be listed under the Ramsar Convention, and consists mostly of reed-sedge marshland with a web of tributaries flowing into the Kushiro River, which runs over the wetland from south to north. Kushiro-shitsugen is a rich habitat for a variety of precious flora and fauna, including the Red-crowned crane (designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan) and the Siberian salamander (a northern-region relic species found only in certain parts of Japan).

Anzali Wetland and Kushiro Wetland have been implemented many activities such as partnership meetings, training programs in Kushiro and information exchanges based on the minutes of understanding (MOUs) between the Department of Environment, Gilan (DOE Gilan) and Kushiro city in 2011 and 2012.

More than 40 Iranian trainees visited to the Kushiro Wetland in order to study experiences of Kushiro Wetland conservation until2017.

Both wetlands will continue partnership activities to form a sister affiliation in future.


Kushiro Wetland 

Kushiro city