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Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project - Phase 2

Project News:

علف زنی در مرکز اکوتوریستی جیرسر باقرخاله

2018/08/04Public Cleaning and Voluntary Grass Cutting Program in Jirsare Bagherkhaleh Ecotourism Center Conducted by Villagers

Following the meeting held in Jirsare Bagherkhaleh (JBK) village on 5th July, attended by all villagers who work in the Center, Village Assistant (Dehyar), Head of Village Council, Village Council members and JET Assistant, it has been decided to ask all villagers of JBK to cooperate in…

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2018/08/04Cast and Crew of TV Program “Travel Love” Visited Ecotourism Center in Jirsar Bagherkhaleh Village

On Thursday July 19, 2018, cast and crew of “Travel Love”, a TV program directed by Mr. Mirashrafi and produced by Ms. Pourhosseiny from Channel 3, visited Ecotourism Center in Jirsar Bagherkhaleh Village.

The purpose of the visit was to film a part of Travel…

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2018/06/24Breaking News, JPA Erosion Control Structures Functioned Very Well! @Alenze

Construction work for mountainous erosion control at Alenze Sub-Basin of Masal River Basin (JPA-2017) was completed by the Watershed Management Sub-committee of the Anzali Wetland Management Committee in September 2017 as a Joint Pilot Activity under the project. An inspection was carried out in the…

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خزندگان و دوزیستان تالاب

2018/05/29Reptiles and Amphibians Survey in Progress

A survey team consisting of Dr. Dehdar, Mr. Mozafari and Mr. Rahbari subcontracted by JICA Expert Team (JET) is in progress to grasp the reptiles and amphibians fauna of the Anzali Wetland as a Joint Pilot Activity, “Comprehensive Ecosystem Survey of the Anzali Wetland”. The reptiles and…

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2018/03/17Environmental signboard installation in rural area of Anzali Wetland basin

For promoting waste management in rural area near to Anzali Wetland, and also for increasing villagers and tourists awareness about the concept of waste management and encouraging them for keeping the nature clean, JET provided and installed totally 27 signboards with different message on waste…

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About Anzali Wetland:

The Anzali Wetland Complex (approximately 19,000 ha) is located near the port city of Bandar Anzali in Gilan Province, North part of Iran along the Southern coast of the Caspian Sea. This site is one of the nearest wetland from Ramsar city which is the origin of the Ramsar Convention. The wetland was designated as a Ramsar site at June 23, 1975. A large, freshwater lagoon fed by several rivers and separated from the Caspian Sea by a dune system  read more…

About Project:

The technical Cooperation Project for Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project – Phase II Started in April 2014 and will last for five years. Prior to the phase II Project, JICA conducted the phase I project with related expertized organizations, such as Department of Environment (DOE), Gilan Province, DOE Gilan. In this phase I project, achievements such as establishment of the Anzali Wetland Management Committee (AWMC), environmental zoning, manuals for monitoring environmental education, and Eco-Tourism should be desiring special mention.

جایکا - تالاب انزلی
کنوانسیون رامسر - تالاب انزلی
سازمان محیط زیست - تالاب انزلی
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