A workshop of aquatic plant in Anzali Wetland was implemented at the Environmental Education Center in Selke Wildlife Refuge on 11th March 2019. More than 50 members of NGOs attended the program.

In the workshop, result of the aquatic plant survey of Selkeh Wildlife Refuge was reported by Dr. Zehzad, leader of the survey team. He explained the aquatic plants play important role of wetland ecosystem. He reported 50 species of apuatic plant species were recorded in the Selkeh Wildlife Refuge using herbarium prepared by him.

At the last of the workshop, he and participants went to field together. Some real aquatic plants such as Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) were seen by participants. Participants also felt the spring has come. Because they saw that many of flowers were blooming, Marsh Frogs were singing, and European Pond Turtles and Ringed Snakes have been woke up from hibernation

In addition, Mr. Watanabe, Environmental Education Expert of JET explained the guideline for Public Open of the center before the aquatic plant workshop.

He explained purpose of the center, interpretation, safety management, visitor management, equipment management and so on.

JET hopes that the result of the survey would be baseline information for the Anzali Wetland conservation and environment education of the center. In addition, JET hopes the Center will be utilized for long time after the project.