Anzali Wetland Management Committee (AWMC) was established in phase 1 of the project (2011) under Gilan Provincial Governor’s Office, aiming to construct, to formalize and to realize an integrated conservation management model of Anzali Wetland in cooperation with relevant organizations.

Technical Examination for each Sector by Sub-committees and Consensus Building under AWMC

Since members of the AWMC consist of representatives of relevant organizations, technical issues and related subjects which are to be coordinated and agreed on in the AWMC meeting should be examined and coordinated within the technical subcommittees prior to the AWMC meeting. Therefore, as stipulated in the provincial decree on establishment of the AWMC, technical sub-committees (SCs) by relevant sector for the Anzali Wetland conservation, which consist of the practitioner-level personnel of the concerned organizations for each sector, were established under approval of the AWMC at earlier stages of the project. An institutional system for integrated wetland conservation activities will be established through operation of the SCs with necessary coordination in AWMC. In order to support the operation of SCs, JICA experts will work in the responsible organizations of each SC for smooth and effective technology transfer. While capacity development was conducted for only DOE personnel in the Phase I Project, it will be conducted for relevant organizations as well as DOE staff in phase 2. Member organizations of sub-committees are shown in the following table.


List of Member Organizations of Sub-committees

Sector of SCMember OrganizationsMain Role of SC
(1) Wetland ecological conservationa) DOE Gilan, b) MOJA Gilan,
c) Shilat (Fishery Organization),
d) National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute,
e) PMO, f) GRWC, g) GWWC, h) RWWC,
i) Housing Foundation,
j) Documents and Property Registry Office,
k) Urban Planning and Architecture, Road and Urban Planning Organization, l) GCHHTO,
m) Municipalities, n) Union of Ab-Bandan-Dar,
o) Scientist related to wetland ecosystem, p) NGOs
Main Role of SC
Ecological management of the Anzali Wetland
(2) Watershed managementa) NRWGO, b) GRWC, c) MOJA Gilan,
d) DOE Gilan, e) Meteorological Organization
f) Gilan Geology and Mineral Exploration Department
Sediment management, considering the Anzali Wetland
(3) Sewage Managementa) GWWC, b) RWWC, c) DOE GilanWastewater management, considering the Anzali Wetland
(4) Waste managementa) DOE Gilan, b) Office of Provincial Governor for Development, c) WMO (Rasht),
d) Municipal governments (Anzali, Somesara, Fuman, and Masal)
Waste management, considering the Anzali Wetland
(5) Ecotourisma) DOE Gilan, b) GCHHTOPromotion of ecotourism, considering the Anzali Wetland
(6) Environmental Educationa) DOE Gilan, b) Education Organization,
c) Kanoon (Mind Raising Organization)
Implementation of environmental education by using the Anzali Wetland