JICA Expert Team has provided the series of the multi-copter training programs to the Department of Environment Gilan Office (DOE Gilan) to enhance their management capacities for the Anzali Wetland. On 3rd March 2019, the 3rd training was organized with the participation of three trainees from the DOE Gilan in JBK village.

Mr. Aoki, chief advisor of the JICA Expert Team, provided the hands-on training to each trainee for the proper and safe drone operation. This training course covered wide variety of topics such as the set-up before the flight and operation methods including take-off/ landing, direction control of the aircraft, capturing photos of the targeted objectives, etc. with safe as the first priority in the operation. Basically, the trainees got familiar with the multi-copter operation and obtained the relevant basic knowledge and skills, but further continuous practices are required since this is the first time to attend the training program for all the three participants. Mr. Aoki also emphasized the importance of careful checking on the screen, especially to the indicators of GPS signal, battery consumption status, and alarms due to harsh weather conditions like strong wind.

Multi-copter is to be widely utilized for monitoring of vegetation and wildlife, detection of illegal land use and patrol of illegal hunting as an effective tool for better management of the Anzali Wetland. The next hands-on training would extend the scope, that is, checking the collected drone data on the LCD monitor at the Guard Stations, which to be installed with the support of the project.