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Development of Anzali Wetland Nature School2018-09-14T15:49:32+04:30

The Joint Pilot Activities

Development of Anzali Wetland Nature School

  • Purpose: To develop an Anzali Wetland Nature School to study an importance of the wetland conservation by students through the experience-based program.
  • Outcome: Education Organization has land with old hall in Beheshte Island of Anzali City. A renovation plan has been developed. In addition, equipment such as binoculars, telescopes, and microscopes was prepared.
  • Future Plan: Renovation and construction work will be started and suitable experience-based program will be developed.
  • Topic: The place is located along the river in the Anzali Wetland. The area is very large with reed bed and forest and very suitable for experience-based education. The project provided many such programs for students in Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center in Selkeh. However, its capacity is limited even many students lives around the Anzali Wetland. The nature school is good location and facility to expand the environmental education.
Development of Anzali Wetland Nature School
Development of Anzali Wetland Nature School
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