The Joint Pilot Activities

Fishway Installation

  • Purpose To restore the ecological network of the Anzali Wetland watershed.
  • Outcome Two siphon pipe fishways were installed on Pasikhan Dam in March 2018.
  • Future Plan Monitoring will be conducted. The other fishway plan will be prepared.
  • Topic: Fishway is a structure on artificial barriers such as dams to enable migratory fish to go upstream. Type of fishway applied is a siphon pipe type which can be installed with low cost without damage to dam structure. Mr.Ota, innovator of the siphon pipe type fishway, designed and installed two fish ways on the Pasikhan Dam as first trial site. However, fishway was stopped since river flow was diapered due to small rainfall and excessive irrigation water use in spring 2018. Maintenance river flow should be secured for river ecosystem conservation.
Fishway Installation anzali wetland
Fishway Installation anzali wetland