JICA Expert Team has installed a camera trap in Selkeh Wildlife Refuge in order to monitor mammal fauna. A camera-trap is a remotely activated camera that is equipped with a passive infrared sensor to detect body heat as a trigger. Camera trapping is a method for capturing wild animals on memory card when researchers are not present, and has been used in ecological studies.

Golden Jackal (Canis aureus) is one of common mammals in Selkeh. They are taken by the camera trap almost every day. Golden Jackal is nocturnal and crepuscular, so it is difficult to see for us in the daytime. However, camera traps can record their activities clearly at night.

As a predator/scavenger, Golden Jackal plays important roles in the ecosystem, in/around the Anzali Wetland. It is also useful for humans, since it preys on rodents and as a scavenger, does much for sanitation.