A survey team led by Dr. Naderi from University of Gilan and JICA Expert Team is now ongoing in order to survey the mammal fauna in/around the Anzali Wetland as a Joint Pilot Activity of Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project Phase II. The survey started in January 2015. This is the first comprehensive survey of mammal fauna in the Anzali Wetland. 16 mammal species have been found over the past nine months.

It is of special importance that Eurasian Otters (Lutra lutra) have been found in many area of the Anzali Wetland. There was little information on Eurasian Otter in the Anzali Wetland before our survey. Eurasian Otter needs many fish and other animals to feed on; therefore it is one of good indicator species of the wetland ecosystem. The survey result shows that the Anzali Wetland ecosystem has still significant value as a wildlife habitat.

The impressive video of Eurasian Otter shown below was captured by camera-trap in the western part of the Anzali Wetland. You can immediately understand that there are many Eurasian Otters living in the Anzali Wetland.

On the other hand, we found many threats to its population such as random capture by using illegal crab nets. We have to consider adequate conservation and restoration activities for the Anzali Wetland ecosystem including such mammals based on the analysis results of the survey.