DOE implemented Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) removal activity at Sangachin area in cooperation with local people on the 8th Dec.

7 boats with DOE guard and local people lead by Mr.Ashoori and JICA Expert Team went to the high density area of Water Hyacinth in Sangachin which is the western edge of the Anzali Wetland.

Mr. Watanabe, who is the expert of the Wetland Ecosystem Conservation and Environmental Education of the Project, joined the activity as an observer and supporter. He has many experiences to control invasive alien species in Japan. He said “In case of Japan, Water Hyacinth as the invasive alien species caused many problems and so many removal activities were conducted. Climate condition in Gilan Province is very similar with Japan’s it. So experiences in Japan are able to apply to the Anzali Wetland. Considering the condition and characteristics of the Anzali Wetland ecosystem, chemical and biological control are not appropriate in the moment, the best way is now manual or mechanical removal. Before restart of survived plant body to grow in spring, it is better to reduce the number of Water Hyacinth as much as possible.”

JICA Expert Team has already submitted a proposal of “Control of the Water Hyacinth as an Invasive Alien Species” as a Joint Pilot Activity of the Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub-committee of the Anzali Wetland Management Committee under the project to DOE Gilan. JET cooperates with DOE to control the Water Hyacinth based on the experiences in Japan and other countries.

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