DOE Anzali implemented Water Hyacinth(Eichhornia crassipes) removal activity at Kargan area in cooperation with local people and prisoner’s office on the 14th Nov.

Around 20 boats went to the concentration area of Water Hyacinth in Kargan. 4 members of JICA expert team including two Japanese experts joined the removal activity.

Approximately 800kg of Water Hyacinth which Japanese expert estimated was removed from Kargan area by this activity. This is a good result as the first step of removal activity in order to control Water Hyacinth in the Anzali Wetland. Unfortunately there were remained much Water Hyacinth. Therefore it is necessary to continue to implement the removal activities during several years. If the removal activity will be stopped, Water Hyacinth will be quickly increased because of its high vegetative growth speed.

JICA is ready to cooperate with DOE for the removal activity of Water Hyacinth based on the experiences in Japan.