On 10th October, 2016, some important authorities from Governmental Organizations in Gilan Province were invited by JICA Expert Team to visit construction site in Jiresare Bagherkhale Village to see the progress of construction works.

The Community Center is constructing by using traditional methods in order to promote ecotourism activities to contribute local livelihood and to conserve the Anzali Wetland.

Some attendances in the visit include Mr. Yousefi, Deputy of Village Assistant Office and Village Council Affairs, Rural Affairs Bureau in Gilan Provincial Governor’s Office, Mr. Sarbazi, Technical Deputy of Department of Environment, Gilan, Mr. Mohammadpour, The Head of Forestation Department , Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Gilan Organization, Dr. Meschian, District Officer of Khomam, Mr. Shams, The Head of Jireare Bagherkhaleh Village, Mr. Rostamnezhad, Village Assistant, and Mr. Shintani, Ecotourism Expert of JICA Expert Team.

Mr. Sarbazi said Community Center is constructed in the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project under cooperation of JICA and DOE Gilan and it belongs to Jiresare Bagherkhaleh Village’s locals.

Mr. Yousefi and other authorities were satisfied that construction of the Community Center present some benefits to the local society and the center would contribute to conserve the environment, and All the authorities appreciated JICA.

Some local Ladies dressed in traditional clothes, served traditional bread and tea, made in Community Center, to the guests as an initial practice for future ecotourism activities.