Opening ceremony of Anzali Wetland Nature School was held on Sunday 24th February 2019.

Environmental Education Sub Committee under AWMC realized that establishment of Nature School as a joint pilot activity can promote experience-based environmental education much more.

The ceremony was held by attendance of Mr.Nader Jahan Aray, Director General of Gilan Education Organization, Mr.Akhlaghi, Deputy of Gilan Education Organization (EO), Mr.Ghorbanzadeh, Head of Student Association (SA), students of Shahed secondary school, many teachers of school in Anzali, Head of Education Organization of Anzali, Somesara, Shaft, Masal, etc. and Mr. Aoki, Chief Advisor of JICA Expert Team in Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project-Phase II.

JET supported EO and SA to plan the experience-based facilities such as open deck, watching tower along the river, workshop decks, forest walk, and quiz boards. JET also prepared equipment of experience-based education such as 50 binoculars, 5 telescopes and 10 microscopes. In addition, LCD monitor, cabinet, educational posters and Pelican craft were prepared by JET supplementary. They all were handed over to EO and SA from JET in the ceremony.

After the ceremony, every participant walked around the facilities of Nature School. They saw many Gulls from the tower using telescope. Students studied and enjoyed 10 quiz-signboards scattered in all area of the Nature School. Very high ground water level in the observation well lets them realize that the Nature School is inside the wetland.

Since the wetland conservation activities require continuous and long-term actions with management and monitoring, the environmental education is the most important activity not only for the adult, but also the elementary and junior high school students who succeed the conservation activity as next generation.

The Anzali Wetland Nature School was developed as hardware. Development of the experience-based environmental education program and implementation of the instructor’s training are necessary as soon as possible.

Though the JICA-supported project will end soon, we, JET, really hope that the Anzali Wetland Nature School is utilized as experience-cased environmental education facility to learn the real wetland nature with joy for long time.