Many EE programs were conducted at the Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center in Selkeh. However some facilities and equipment should be improved to conduct more effective experiential program. In order to exchange participant’s opinions in how to improve the EE center within limited resource a workshop was held in 6th December 2016 in Anzali Wetland EE center in Selke Wildlife Refuge in the presence of Environmental Education Sub-Committee members from Department of Environment (DOE) Gilan, Gilan Women against Environmental Pollution Society (GWEPS), Gilan Woman and Youth Environmentalist Society (GWYES), Sarzamin-e-ideal ma Environmental Institute (SEI), Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), and JICA Expert Team.

At the beginning of workshop, Mr. Ghezel Hossayni (Head of EE division of DOE Gilan) explained the purpose of today’s program and mentioned that in order to progress the EE activities by utilizing the EE center we need to discuss how to improve the current situation and expand the experiential programs.

Mr. Watanabe, the Environmental Education expert from JICA Expert Team, explained the current situation of the center, and added that we use the classroom, but the priority is promoting experiential programs of real nature. He noted that the targets of these activities are not only students but also the local and visitors and JICA hopes that center will be opened for the visitors.

Then the workshop was conducted in two section and the members gave their ideas on how to improve facilities and equipment in the center such as explanation boards, hands on display, species model, fish tank and also outdoor facilities such as biotope construction, walking path, guiding board, explanation posters in Bird watching Tower and Bird Hide and also necessity to provide more environmental education material such as puzzle, nature games, and broachers and implementing more experiential activities not only for bird watching but also to understand the aquatic plants and some more options.

Bird watching program was unfortunately cancelled because of heavy rain. However the participants saw birds from the room in the center by using telescope.

JET and DOE will discuss which facilities and equipment should be selected based on priority needs in the center.