Kayak training program for the villagers of Jiresare Bagherkhaleh as local guides is ongoing under cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to develop ecotourism activities.

The guides were trained by Kayaking Trainer for 16 sessions and learned required techniques for rowing, direction change, and long route pass, rowing fast, etc.

In the 17th training session, which was held on 5th November 2016, security and safety techniques have been started to be trained, in which the trainees learnt how to throw rescue rope and role it up in both water and dry area to know how to help the tourists in emergency conditions.

Also the members of Kayaking activity are learning swimming techniques under relevant trainer. In a near future after completion of training course, some trial kayak tours will be held simultaneous to Community Center activities commencement in Jiresare Bagherkhaleh Village, and local guides will practice the trained skills and learnt techniques.