A Meeting on the Environmental Zoning and Land Use Management was held in DOE Gilan on 15th Feb, 2017. 30 participants from JICA Expert Team, Provincial Governor’s office, DOE Gilan Regional Water Company, Document Property and Registry Office, Natural Resource and Watershed General Office, Housing Foundation and Anzali district Somesara district attended the workshop.

The meeting was organized by Mr.Shoghi from the provincial governor’s office for Environmental Zoning and Land Use Management Working Group (WG) of the Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub-committee (SC) under the Anzali Wetland Management Committee. Main objective of the meeting was to determine the boundary of wetland based by MOE on the law. The boundary of Anzali Wetland based on the law on equitable water distribution has been discussed for long time. There are many land uses in the boundary which delineated by Ministry of Energy, it may causes many confliction between users.

JICA Expert Team (JET) strongly recommended preparing the new zoning map and land use guideline for each zone in order to solve such confliction in the meeting.

JET supports to update the zoning plan and to prepare the land use guideline as Joint Pilot Activity in order to conserve the ecosystem and to promote the wise-use of the Anzali Wetland.