20 Jan, 2016

A Workshop on Watershed Management in the Anzali Wetland was held in the theater room of DOE Gilan on 20th January, 2016. 18 participants from DOE, NRWGO, GRWC and others attended the workshop.

The Workshop was organized by Watershed Management Sub-committee (SC) under the Anzali Wetland Management Committee. Main objective of the workshop was to make better understanding by related persons about the activities of Watershed Management in the Anzali Wetland.

The Watershed Management Sub-committee has been studying “Integrated Planning Survey for Preparation of Countermeasures to Control the Sediment Flow into Anzali Wetland”. Dr. Yousefpour, chairperson of the Watershed Management SC, deputy of watershed management in NRWGO presented the summary of the SC activities. Then, Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineers Co. who is a contractor of the above survey, presented the latest results of the survey for understanding the conditions of sediment movement in Khalkai and Morghak river basins. The participants in the workshops raised a lot of questions and discussed actively about the survey results. At the end of workshop, Mr. Kawaguchi, watershed management expert of the JICA expert team, explained the estimated necessary structures for controlling sediments and required cost. He also explained about the activities plan from now on. According to him, the Watershed Management SC will study the integrated plan for sediment control. Next workshop will be held on proposed integrated plan.

JICA Expert Team hopes strongly that capability of relevant experts be strengthened and an implementation system for integrated sediment control is established through this project. The more active participation of relevant experts will be expected for successful project activities.