Many migratory birds are recently coming to the Anzali Wetland. So many wintering birds such as Greater Flamingos, Whooper Swans, Dalmatian Pelicans, Common Coots, Mallards, Eurasian Teals, Common Pochards, Black-headed Gulls and Avocets have already arrived at the Anzali Wetland.

Selkeh Wildlife Refuge is now fully covered by numerous water birds. In addition to migratory wintering birds, there are many residential birds such as Purple Swamphens, Gray Herons, Common Kingfishers, Moorhens and Eurasian Marsh.

Selkeh Wildlife Refuge has now high density of water birds protecting by DOE guards. They play important roles for protection of birds in the Anzali Wetland especially in wildlife refuges. Any hunting is prohibited in this year. However there are many illegal hunting actutally. The Anzali Wetland is very vast therefore it is very difficult to manage by limited number of DOE guards. JICA Expert Team recommends increasing the number of guards and enhancement of equipment.