“Respect the Nature, Respect Yourself”

The opening ceremony of World Wetlands Day was held in presence of Director General of DOE Gilan, Director General of Kanoon Gilan and Mr. Aoki, team leader of JICA Expert Team, on 6th February 2016.

During the ceremony, students performed a variety of programs such as, singing the national anthem and environmental songs, reading the Environment Convention and so on.  Winners of Book Reading contest were also awarded valuable prizes in the event.

After the ceremony, Kanoon Achievements exhibition was opened by the chief advisor of provincial governor.

In addition to different branches of Kanoon Gilan, other organizations such as DOE Gilan, Gilan Women and Youth Environmentalist Society, Sarzamine- Ideal Ma and Sabzkaran NGOs as well as JICA Expert Team displayed their achievements and products related to the wetlands especially Anzali Wetland in the exhibition.

Performing environmental games, teaching origami arts to the students by JICA Expert team, making feeding dishes for birds, showing environmental movies especially with Anzali Wetland themes, and selling the handicrafts and herbal tea are among the other parts of this exhibition.

JICA Expert Team also introduced Kushiro Wetland, which is one of the most important wetlands in Hokkaido, Japan, and showed movies on Anzali Wetland and introduction of the Anzali Ecological Management Project Phase- 2 in their booth.

The exhibition will continue until 11th February 2016.