Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the worst invasive alien species. It was firstly found in the Anzali Wetland in summer 2015. After that Department of Environment (DOE) and JICA Expert Team (JET) implemented many removal activities in cooperation with many relevant organizations until now. As a result of removal activities, the Anzali Wetland was almost cleaned from Water Hyacinth. However, the growth speed of Water Hyacinth is very quick at high temperature. Even if only one plant body is remained, it can increase quickly if the conditions are good. Therefore, continuous monitoring activity is very important to control it.

Joint monitoring activity of Water Hyacinth between DOE and JET was implemented in Chekovar area on 15th August.

Mr. Aoki, chief advisor of the Project, operated a drone to detect the Water Hyacinth in the place which we can’t access on foot. As a result of this monitoring, some flocks of Water Hyacinth were found in Chekovar village and in Siahkeshim Protected Area.

The removal activity should be implemented as soon as possible. Because the size of Water Hyacinth is not very large, therefore the removal activity is possible without high cost and much time.


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