Date: 23th April, 2016

In the Join Pilot Activity (JPA) in in Dahanesar Shijan (DSS) village under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project- phase II, 5th Workshop for waste separation training of recyclable waste for the low grades students in the primary school was held on Wednesday 20th April, 2016 by attendance of Village chief and some members of parents and teachers association and 28 students of first and second grade in ” Shahid Rahmat Molai” primary school located in Dahanesar Shijan village.

The main goal of this workshop was making young students familiarize with the concept of waste recycling, dry and wet waste segregation and also informing them about the recycling and composting station which will be constructed in front of the school.

At the beginning of the workshop, DSS Village Chief, Mr. Molai explained about the reason why JET (JICA Expert Team) are implementing these workshops and asked the students to concentrate on the material which is provided by JET for training them.

After that, Mr. Higashinakgawa, waste management expert in JET, welcomed the students and others and presented a file related to the waste recycling. He presented the sample of a primary school in Japan where the students attended for recycling and waste separation activities in schools. He also demonstrated the waste collection methodology which will be utilized in Dahanesar Shijan village in the JPA.

JET also presented some educational animation with the topic of waste separation for the students. They also distributed some training brochure which describes recyclable and non-recyclable waste categories and definition, among the students.

Then, they asked some students to do practically the waste segregation activity in the class and granted them some gifts to raise their motivation.

At the end of the workshop, some of the students were selected as the Environmental Police and Village Chief provided them some Lanyard with the environmental content card in order to encourage them to do environmental activity continuously.