Inflow of solid waste has been recognized as one of the main factors of degradation in the wetland. In order to conserve the precious ecological character of the wetland, solid waste management in the watershed has to be improved.

In order to design and implement action plan activities and JPAs in the field of solid waste management, the Waste Management Sub-Committee (SC) has been established under the Anzali Wetland Management Committee (AWMC).

Objective: To improve solid waste management situation of Anzali Watershed for Anzali Wetland Conservation through various activities

The main members of the Waste Management SC include DOE Gilan, Urban Affairs Office and Rural Affairs Office of Gilan Provincial Governor’s Office, Gilan Waste Management Organization (WMO) under the Gilan Provincial Governor’s Office, and sub-members are relevant townships (Shahrestans) and municipalities (Shahrs or cities). At the central level, Municipality and Rural Management Organization (MRMO) under Ministry of Interior have been consulted about the overall directions of project activities.


Main Activities:

  1. Discussion of Basic Strategy of Action Plan
  2. Preparation of Action Plan (A/P)
  3. Discussion of Joint Pilot Activity (JPA)
  4. Selection of JPA
  5. Implementation and monitoring of JPA

Preparation of Mid-term Plan based on the result of JPA


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