The first waste bring back campaign for fishermen has been started from Thursday, 2nd of November 2017 in two boat stations in Siahdarvishan village of Somesara county. This campaign is one of the waste management JPA implementing under Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Committee- Phase II.

It is scheduled that the Jica staffs in these two stations, distribute printed plastic bags among the fishermen who goes to wetland by using boat and ask the fishermen to bring back the generated garbage during fishing time and put their collected garbage in the waste bins that is provided by JET for each station. In addition, JET decided to install the environmental signboard in these two stations for supporting the Wetland conservation activities.

This campaign will be implemented for 10 days in November and the main goal is making a condition for fishermen to bring their waste back to the station and not to discharge them in the wetland.