Two warning signboards have been installed along the Nahang Rouga River on the boundary of Sorkhankol Wildlife Refuge on 7th October, 2016.

Department of Environment (DOE) experts led by Mr. Sarbazi, deputy director of DOE Gilan, and Mr. Watanabe, JICA expert, conducted joint completion inspection of the signboards on 8th October.

The three wildlife refuges and one protected area are the most important cores of the Anzali Wetland Zoning Plan. However there are a few warning signboards on the boundary of each protected area. Therefore visitors and local people could not notice the boundary of protected areas until now.

As first step, one of the Joint Pilot Activity (JPA) was planned to install on the boundary of Sorkhankol Wildlife Refuge, Selkeh Wildlife Refuge and Siakeshim Protection Area with technical and financial assistance from JICA. Two signboards were now installed on the boundary of Sorkhankol Wildlife Refuge under the JPA. The other twenty eight (28) signboards will be installed by December.

JICA expert team strongly hopes that these warning signboards will support to prevent the illegal activities and land use in these areas.