Three officials from Ministry of Environment of Japan (MOEJ) visited Gilan Province on 20 February, 2017 in a trip to Iran for the annual Environmental Policy Dialogue meeting between DOE HQ and MOEJ. Subjects of the Environmental Policy Dialogue in this year are (1) Industrial waste, and (2) Global warming issue.

In the visit, firstly, the delegation visited the DOE Gilan office to have a meeting with officials of DOE Gilan to understand environmental situation and issues in Gilan Province to consider future international cooperation. Then, the delegation visited the Saravan Landfill site to know a part of major issues on waste management in the region. Subsequently, they visited the Selkeh Wildlife Refuge to see the restoration work of the wildlife refuge by DOE Gilan, and the Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center and its attached facilities, which was constructed during the JICA’s support master plan study for the Anzali Wetland between 2003 and 2005 and is now being facilitated for further utilization for environmental education program under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project – Phase II (JICA Anzali Wetland Phase II Project). In the end, the delegation visited Jirsar Bagherkhaleh village of Khoman District, where the village-based ecotourism program is under preparation as a Joint Pilot Project under the JICA Anzali Wetland Phase II Project. The delegation observed the handicraft making workshop for villagers and visited the community center, which will become a base facility for the ecotourism activity and is now almost completed for its construction.

In addition to direct technical support for the Anzali Wetland through the JICA Anzali Wetland Phase II Project by Japan, further support in environmental field by MOEJ is expected in near future.