A progress inspection for the construction work of vacuum sewerage system in Koliver Area of Anzali City has been conducted by JICA on 23th Oct, 2016. Mr. Yamazaki, Project Formulation Advisor in JICA Iran office, the contractor of this construction work, the construction supervising consultant of this construction work, and an expert of JICA Expert Team attended the inspection.

This construction work is one of the joint pilot activities and has been implemented by Sewage Management Sub-committee under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project- Phase II. Presently the household effluent generated in this target area is directly discharged into the Anzali Wetland. However, after the completion of the project, the wastewater will be conveyed to the sewage treatment plant located in the western side of Anzali City.

The contractor and the consultant demonstrate the operation of sample sump which is already installed in the vacuum station. The sump operates well. The contractor filled the manhole manually and explained the process of operation. According to the agreement between JICA and the contractor, 170 sumps were supposed to be installed in Koliver area in Anzali and the contractor already completed the installation of 170 sumps and they are implementing the connection process by support of Gilan Water and Wastewater Company. 119 houses are already connected to the sumps (outside connection) and the rest of the house connection (total houses are 1000-1500) is under implementation. Based on the agreement the contractor should finalize the completion of 170 sumps and to implement training courses for 10 technical staffs recommended by Gilan water and wastewater co and to prepare the instruction for operation and maintenance of the vacuum sewerage system until December 1st 2016 . At this inspection, Mr. Yamazaki in JICA Iran Office, requested the contractor to improve some manhole works with some advices.

JICA expects advised the contractor and GWWC to complete as scheduled. In addition, JICA hopes that this joint pilot activity will contribute to the restoration of Anzali Wetland and acceleration in development of sewerage system in the Anzali Wetland watershed.