On 10th February 2017, JICA Expert Team went to bird survey to Sorkhankol Wildlife Refuge. There were many water birds such as Pelicans, Swans, Plovers and Ducks on water surface in the wildlife refuge. JET noticed that an adult Whooper Swan was unnatural apart from swan flock. Actually the Swan was trapped by net. After a short time, a man approached to the Swan by paddling boat. He captured and fastened the Swan. JET immediately reported to Department of Environment (DOE) guard in Selkeh and went to check his landing point. Fortunately the Swan was weakened but still alive. The swan was confiscated from him. DOE guards from Selkeh joined the site soon. The swan was smoothly transported the rehabilitation cage at Selkeh guard station. On the next day the Swan has been alright and released fortunately.

There are still many illegal activities in the Anzali Wetland. DOE guards are always tackling to such illegal activities in the wetland. However the illegal activities are not completely controlled. Because number of DOE guards is too few to patrol very vast wetland. JET strongly recommends the number of guards should be increased and enhanced. In addition, JET is supporting to prepare the land use guideline for appropriate sustainable use in/around the Anzali Wetland in cooperation with relevant organizations under Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub-committee. We hope such illegal activities will be uprooted soon.