A one of joint pilot activity of Ecotourism in Jiresar Bagherkhale Village (JBK), a traditional market has been opened at the entrance of the village on Tuesday 2016, March, 08. The market is open every Tuesday and Friday. Food productions and handy crafts of villagers, trained in handy craft classes under Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project, is sold in the market and, all villagers and customers are interested in this activity. Productions of the market include some traditional breads, sweets, cookies, fruits, pomegranate sauce, grape juice, pomegranate juice, traditional pickles, pumpkin, and handy crafts made by rural ladies of JBK, and others. The market is opened in order to provide some job opportunity and introduce way to make income for villagers. Hereby we would like to invite everybody to visit the market supported by JICA Expert Team.