Third EE training program out of 5 lectures conducted for the Environmental Education Subcommittee (EE SC) at 2nd November, 2017 in Anzali Wetland EE Center.

This program was held in presence of 36 participants from Department of Environment offices Gilan, Intellectual Development of Children and Adult (Kanoon), Gilan Women and Youth Environmental Protectors (GWYES), and Gilan Women against Environmental Pollution (GWEPS) and in cooperation with Department of Environment Gilan (DOE) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with the purpose of learning Nature Games in Anzali Wetland EE Center and to learn experiential EE activities in Anzali Wetland EE Center.

Ms. Junko Masaki, EE Expert from Japan International cooperation Agency (JICA), by looking back to the last programs, explained the aim of this program, and then participants, played two nature games, that one of them designed for in the class and one out of the class as trial.

After these games, participants share their opinions and suggestion, as well as some revisions for parts of the games.

In parallel, participants had a Bird Watching Activity by using the existing facilities.