Third EE activities in Summer season was held with the cooperation of EO Gilan, DOE Gilan and JICA expert team on 16th August 2016 in Anzali Wetland EE center which is located in Selke Wildlife Refuge.

Thirty boy students from Alborz junior secondary school of Rasht, district 1, with 4 teachers and their school’s principal participated in this program.

This program included visiting bird hide, and bird watching tower. Mr. Rahnama the environmental expert from DOE Gilan, made students familiar with the Anzali Wetland. Students of this school, who were very interested in Anzali Wetland subject, involved themselves by asking several questions and exchanged the information.

Ms. Masaki, the environmental education expert briefly explained the activities in EE subcommittee and other subcommittees, history of the EE center and implemented EE programs in this center by the projects partner organization.

In the class discussion, students understood the importance of Anzali Wetland in international level, ecosystem circle, wetland’s creatures, and plants, current situation and its problems and issues, and finally they discussed how to improve the wetland condition and what is their role in Anzali wetland conservation.