Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults of Gilan (Kanoon of Gilan) is one of the cooperating organizations in Environmental Education subcommittee under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project. This organization implemented several Environmental Education (EE) programs in Selke EE Center for the member students and had close cooperation in especial event like World Wetlands Day with the project and JICA expert team in Second year. .

One of the Kanoon’s program is implementing camps outside of Gilan province for the students. This summer, the camp will be held for 45 girls of active book readers and environment promoters in Hamedan province from the 14th August till 17th August 2016.

Ms. Amaneh Javid, the cultural expert of Kanoon, thanked JICA Expert team for their contributions to this camp and the environmental education programs in Selke EE center for member students of Kanoon, willing the continuation and expansion of joint environmental education programs for students and environment promoters, members of Kanoon.

In farewell ceremony for the students going to the summer camp, Ms. Junko Masaki, the environmental expert from JICA expert team, appreciated their participation of the Camp, and hoped that the student learn and understand the importance of Environment through the Camp. In addition, she asked them to visit the Selke EE center in order to be familiar with Anzali wetland ecosystem and conserve it.

At the end of the farewell ceremony, the prepared packages including logo caps, Eco bags, project newsletters, and Anzali wetland ecosystem books had been distributed among the member students provided by JICA Expert Team.

JICA Expert Team really wishes the Camp provided good experiences and impression to all participated students.