“Bat House Workshop” as an Environment Education (EE) activity conducted by JICA Expert Team (JET), Education Organization and DOE Gilan at the Anzali Wetland EE Centre in Selkeh Wildlife Refuge on 8th May 2016. 18 boys participated from Shahed Imam Khomeini Secondary School in Fuman.

The EE centre has bat roost behind the signboard on the entrance. Bat dropping is not good sanitarily and it looks very bad. However, bat plays important role of the wetland ecosystem, the bat roost should be moved. JET planned to build and install bat houses as new bat roost on the outside wall of EE center in order to mitigate the impact for bat. Bat House is an artificial roost build by wood. Many bat houses were installed in western countries and Japan.

At first, Mr. Rahanama, DOE EE expert, explained the history of Ramsar Convention, Wetland ecosystem and the importance of Anzali Wetland as one of the Ramsar registered sites, which has international value and is of the well-known site for birds wintering in Iran in the program.

Secondly, Mr. Watanabe, JICA expert of wetland ecosystem conservation and EE, explained bat ecology and the purpose of bat house.

Then Mr. Doudmani instructed to build a bat house for students. Boys tried to build bat houses.

In addition, they observed the Anzali Wetland and birds from the Watching Tower.

Finally the bat house was installed on the wall next to the entrance of EE center. This is probably the first Bat House in Iran. The students became honourable first Bat House builder in Iran!

JET hopes the installed bat house will be a good new roost for bats.