A seminar was held at DOE Gilan’s auditorium on 21st October, in order to share the experiences of a training course in Japan. 12 Iranian experts from various organization related to the Anzali Wetland Conservation were dispatched to a Training Course in Japan in September, 2015.

The training course in Japan was planned and arranged by JICA expert team as an opportunity to learn from Japanese good practises considering the situation of the Anzali Wetland. They visited 34 organizations including governmental agencies, municipalities and NGOs related to watershed management, sewage management, waste management, wetland ecosystem conservation, ecotourism and environmental education in Japan. They also visited the Kushiro Wetland, in Hokkaido, and attended a workshop on networking Kushiro and Anzali wetlands.

Mr. Belal DAIAN (Director, Human Environment Office, Gilan Department of Environment), Mr. Yousef RAHNAMA MOGHADDAM (Chief Expert, Natural Environment Office, Gilan Department of Environment) and Ms. Aazam Alsadat MIRROSHANDEL (Administer of Laboratory, Monitoring Group of Environment Office, Gilan Department of Environment) as representatives of the trainees reported the results of the training course. About 30 participants listened with keen interest and asked many questions.

JICA expert team hopes strongly that the trainees will use what they’ve learned in Japan for the Anzali Wetland Conservation in their respective organizations.