As part of protection methods, signboards installation is common practice used for marking the lands where designated as protected areas, wildlife refuges, and etc. In the Anzali Wetland, already, there are four designated sites being protected by DOE Gilan, including three wildlife refuges and one protected area. Under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project-Phase II, JICA Expert Team (JET), supported to prepare and install 30 signboards at two wildlife refuges (Sorkhankol WR and Selkeh WR) and the one protected area (Siahkeshim PA) inside the wetland. In the second round JET proposed two more signboards for Selkeh WR and 10 for Choukam WR, where there had not been installed any signboards before. The second round-prepared signboards were designed based on the latest warning signboard design manual by DOE which looks different from the signboard prepared in the first round.

Marking the lands by using signboards is the main feature in the protection sites with rich fauna and flora since it warns visitors and local peoples not to enter or perpetrate destructive activities. The Anzali Wetland is very huge, therefore DOE should install more signboards in future.