The second EE workshop in summer season has been implemented on Tuesday, 9th August for 17 students and their instructor in Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center in Selke Wildlife Refuge. The 17 participated students were all members of Shahid Hagh Shenas Cultural and Training center of Khomam. In the field visit as a part of this EE program, they visited the hide birds and bird watching tower. They searched to see the birds in the Selke Wildlife Refuge by using the binoculars while they discussed on Wetland Ecosystem and its past and current situation.

They also became familiar with the Project activities in master plan study, phase one and two, especially the activities under the EE subcommittee, history of the EE center and its related facilities by Junko Masaki, the EE Expert from JICA explanation.

They also learnt about Ramsar Convention, Wetland ecosystem, beauties, as well as the problems that it faces through Ms. Yousefzadeh, the DOE Environmental education Expert explanation.

At the end of second EE program, some of the students expressed their feeling about this workshop.

They claimed that by participating in this workshop, they have new look towards the Wetland, and are eager to come and visit it again.

They wanted to share their knowledge with their friends and family and asked them to consider more about the wetland.