Three adult Purple Herons (Ardea purpurea) were captured and attached satellite tags on 29th and 30th May, 2017 at their nests in the west lagoon of the Anzali Wetland in order to identify their migration routes.

The Purple Herons are summer breeding visitor in Anzali Wetland. However, nobody knows where Purple Herons in Anzali Wetland live in winter.

One of the Purple Heron (ID 165472 named “Siah”) started its migration to south on 25th September.  Siah flew about 400 km to a wetland in Lorestan Province overnight. Siah arrived at Hoor-al-Azim Wetland on the border with Iraq in Khuzestan Province on 5th October and it has stayed there until now.

The other Purple Heron (ID 165470 named “Khan”) started its migration on 9th November. Khan arrived at Izad khast dam in Fars Province on 14th November via Qasvin Province (10th November), Markaz Province (11th November) and Isfahan Province (12th November). It has stayed there until now.

The last Purple Heron (ID 165471 named “Selky”) is still staying around the Anzali Wetland as of 16th November.

We need to see carefully these Purple Herons would migrate where to by mid-winter.

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