Construction Project for waste management station in Dahane Sare Shijan(DSS) village, that had been started since September 2016, is in its final stages. It has been estimated, the station be in operation up to the end of November. Total area of this station is 100m2 and included one container with 21 m2 area for delivering and segregation of dry waste, one container with the area of 12m2 for packaging and storing the compost product and one small container with 3m2 as area for office. In addition, one metal structure with the area of 20m2 has been considered for producing compost fertilizer from organic waste.

The main purpose of this station is waste segregation by villagers and delivering to this station. Besides, residents who don’t know the correct method of waste segregation can use the educational brochures at station and do waste separation and compost production in practice.

In order to produce compost fertilizer out of organic waste that is the most generated waste in this village, one metal structure has been constructed to convert collected organic waste into compost product.

Efficient waste collection and compost promotion plan is under the pilot plan of Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project and waste Management Sub-committee. DSS is the first village for this pilot plan. Successful implementation and operation of this plan can increase the number of same projects in Anzali Wetland area which cause reduction of drained waste materials into Anzali Wetland.