Kanoon (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults) and JICA Expert Team (JET) had a meeting of further cooperation of Joint Pilot Activity (JPA) of environmental education (EE) at Kanoon central office in Gilan on 9th May, 2017.

Mr.Watanabe, EE expert of JICA gifted 3,000 Japanese origami papers to Mr.Ziaee, Director General of Kanoon and Ms.Javid, Cultural Expert of Kanoon. Kanoon launches to join “Origami Action” by using gifted origami papers. In order to make children familiar with the wetland ecosystem, making “origami” craft of creatures in wetland is very effective for students. Additionally origami is a Japanese traditional art; therefore origami must be a good symbol of Anzali Wetland conservation and friendship between Iran and Japan.

Origami Action[link to http://www.cop10-origami.com/basic-steps-eng/] organized by IUCN Japan committee is an activity which promotes to think about biodiversity conservation in future by making origami of many creatures to achieve “Aichi-Targets” of Convention on Biodiversity.

JET appreciated that Kanoon conducted many EE programs for the Anzali Wetland Conservation as JPA of the Project until now. JET continues to support JPAs to accelerate EE activities for Anzali Wetland Conservation.