Opening ceremony of a facility for collection of recyclable waste and compost station, which was constructed for introducing village-based recyclable waste and home composting as a Joint Pilot Activities under the Waste Management Sub-committee of Anzali Wetland Management Committee, with technical support by the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project- Phase II, took place in Dahanesar Sheijan Village (DSS) on 6th March, 2017 by presence of Rasht Governor, Khomam District Officer, Technical Deputy of DOE Gilan, DSS Village Chief and the Members of village Council, Chief advisor of JET, villagers and some students of primary school.

In the ceremony, Mr. Meschian, Khoam District Officer, made his brief about the waste management pilot activity at DSS and stated that this pilot is implemented based on a joint agreement signed between JICA, DOE Gilan and Gilan Provincial Governor.

During the ceremony, 10 residents, who have actively been participated in the activity, were awarded the appreciation certificates and handicrafts gift, by JET and Khomam District Officer, thanks to their positive cooperation with the activity for disseminating and promoting the waste management activity throughout the village.

By this ceremony the waste collection and composting station will start its activity. The station will be open from 8:30 am to 13:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday and the villagers in DSS can deliver their dry recyclable waste and home compost to this station. The station is managed by a private company who signed the agreement with the village chief and the operator of the station is one of the trainers.

The location of the station is next to the primary school and central area of the village to arouse public awareness and encourage the young generation to extend the environmental activity among their family.