Student Association (SA) and Education Organization (EO) in cooperation with JICA is now renovating an old school in Beheshti Island in Anzali City. The old school has been totally renovated to “Anzali Wetland Nature School” as an experience-based education facility and it will be opened very soon. It has training hall, open deck, watching tower along the river, workshop decks, forest walk, quiz boards etc.

The school was closed long time ago and is had not been used recently. The school area is along with Nahang Roga river and it is included in the Ramsar Wetland area of the Anzali Wetland. The land has forest including Heron colony therefore it is very good place to study wetland.

The Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center (AWEEC) in Selkeh Wildlife Refuge has already used to implement the experience-based education program. It has been utilized for educating school students very well. However, there are huge number of students around the Anzali Wetland. The capacity of the AWEEC is limited. Selkeh is not far from Rasht and Somesara but very far from Anzali. Therefore SA and EO started to plan to establish the Nature School in Anzali City. Environmental Education Sub Committee under AWMC realized that establishment of Nature School as a joint pilot activity can promote experience-based education more. JET supported EO and SA to plan the experience-based facilities such as open deck, watching tower along the river, workshop decks, forest walk,  quiz boards. JET also prepared equipment of experience-based education such as 50 binoculars, 5 telescopes and 10 microscopes. In addition, experience-based education program is now developing.

Construction and renovation works are now on the final phase. 

The Anzali Wetland Nature School will be opened very soon.