A wildfire was occurred near Torbeh gudeh village in Anzali Wetland on 9th June, 2017. The fire burned dried reed bed. It was very difficult to know the spread of wildfire from the ground. DOE asked JET to support to grasp the latest situation of wildfire. JICA expert team rushed to the wildfire site.

Mr.Aoki , chief advisor of the project of JICA expert team, flied a multi-copter to take videos and photos of wildfire spread. The multi-copter sent   video in real time by wireless image transmission system. DOE team lead by Mr.Sarbazi, technical deputy of DOE Gilan, immediately understood the situation of wildfire.

Multi-copter so-called “drone” is very useful tool to grasp not only such wildfire but also vegetation, illegal land use and wildlife monitoring.

JET is now planning to train the DOE staff to use multi-copter to monitor the wetland.