A meeting for boundary of the Anzali Wetland was held at the Water Resource Management Company (WRMC) in Tehran on December 5, 2018.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Haj-Rasooliha, managing director of WRMC and deputy of Ministry of Energy.

Mr. Hitoshi Watanabe, Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Expert of JICA Expert Team, explained the criteria of the new Ramsar Boundary with approx.195 km2 of the Anzali Wetland which submitted to Ramsar Convention Secretariat in June, 2018 and the concept of zoning plan and land use guidelines.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Energy (MOE) with WRMC delineated the boundary of the Anzali Wetland based on the Law on Equitable Water Distribution. The boundary of MOE is much larger than the Ramsar site boundary where any construction, excavation, and occupation are prohibited in the MOE’s boundary. However, there are many land uses including villages by local people in the boundary of MOE. There were many arguments among relevant organizations and local people for long time. However, the solution was not found until now.

Mr. Watanabe recommended the concept of the zoning and land use guidelines as followings:

There are many complicated land uses and activities in the Anzali Wetland. It is impossible to solve completely these conflicts by some revision of boundaries of related laws and regulations.

Detailed zoning plan and land use guidelines should be prepared to promote wise uses based on the current situation. They should be permitted and legalized by responsible organizations based on related laws. Anzali Wetland Management Committee chaired by Gilan provincial governor and Zoning and Land Use Management SC and Legal SC can play important role to solve the conflicts.

Many attendants of the meeting were interested in the concept by JET to solve the conflicts.