JICA Expert Team is now supporting to develop eco-tourism products for local people around the Anzali Wetland. Kayaking is one of the ecotourism activities that could be conducted in Jirsar Bagher Khaleh(JBK) Village, based on feasibility studies done by Ecotourism Subcommittee. Hence, to train skillful local guides for the kayaking activity, a kayaking training course has been started, instructed by Mr. Mohammad Mortazavi, international kayak trainer.

So far, four sessions have been held at the basic level, and eight more sessions have yet to be held by mid-June, 2016.

The participants in this program are seven individuals (four women and three men), who are quite determined to learn and are expected to run enjoyable kayak tours in the rivers flowing into the Anzali Wetland through JBK Village.

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