A two-day seminar from 16th to 17th Feb 2019 on Sustainable Development, Statistics and Environment Economic, attended by the heads, deputies and experts from the Education and Research Administration, from the various departments of Environment of different provinces hosted by Department of Environment (DOE), Gilan in collaboration with the JICA Expert Team was held in Gilan province. The first day of this seminar was held at Narges hotel in the presence of Mr. Mohammadpour, Director General of DOE Gilan Province and Mr. Omidi Nia, Deputy Head of Educational and Research Centre of the DOE headquarter and provincial education managers.

On the second day, 17th Feb 2019, field program was held for sharing the experiences of EE activities under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project Phase II. Participants visited Anzali Wetlands Environmental Education Centre (AWEEC), located in Selke Wildlife Refuge. Mr. Watanabe, the environmental education expert, from JICA Expert Team, introduced the history and concept of the AWEEC, and explained about conducted experienced-based Environmental Education Programs using the centre, as well as the history of environmental education programs in Japan. After becoming familiar with the experiential-based facilities and materials, visitors went to the field to feel real wetland ecosystem such as bird watching. During this program, participants member of NGOs, explained the Public Open of the centre. At the end, Ms. Jila Mehdi Aghaee, Director General of the office for Public Participation of DOE HQ, and Mr. Setogi, Head of Education and Research division DOE Gilan, sent certificate of appreciation for support of EE activity in the project to the JICA EE Experts, Mr. Watanabe and Ms. Masaki.

JET and DOE Gilan hopes the good practices of experience-based education program under the project will be expanded to the other provinces in Iran.