On Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 January 2018, two local ladies from ecotourism group in Jiresare Bagherkhaleh village trained by JICA expert team joined the 11th International Tourism Exhibition in Tehran, supported by Iran Culture, Heritage, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) and JICA Tehran office. Our booth was very simple with 2 large banners, traditional craft samples and slide pictures on PC monitor, without any fancy equipment and attractive displays. However, because of the great passions of local dressed ecotour guides in the village, more than 1000 visitors visited our booth only in the afternoon of Thursday and morning of Friday. Visitors are so applicated the locals’ challenges of protecting Anzali wetland and reviving traditional culture in the village through ecotourism activities. One lady said, “this was not only having a great experience and learning for us, but also making us think more deeply about our ecotourism activities for our future. I really hope other members can join similar events and think more deeply about our ecotourism activities and work together.”

There are many Iranian visitors showed applications to Japanese and respects our JICA cooperation. It was very emotional time for all of us.

We all are waiting for all of you to visit Jiresare Bagherkhaleh Ecotourism Center and enjoy smiles of local villages.