A meeting was held between relevant organizations and JICA Expert Team (JET) under the environmental zoning and land use management working group of the Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub-committee (SC) on December 1, 2018. The meeting was held with the participation of representatives from organizations such as DPRO, Road and Urban Planning, GRWC, Anzali Governor Office, Housing foundation, DOE Gilan and its subsidiaries which there were discussions about the importance of zoning plan for the wetland, protected areas, and the current condition of land uses and activities in/around the wetland.

The dredging work in the Anzali Wetland implemented by DOE was the first agenda of the meeting; however, the agenda was cancelled because the responsible person of DOE was absence. DOE haven’t explained the dredging work including future plan until now. Dredging work would affect the Anzali Wetland ecosystem, therefore the dredging work should be discussed from the view of hydrology and sedimentation in Watershed Management SC, and from the view of ecology and land use in Wetland Ecosystem Conservation SC as soon as possible.

Mr. Hitoshi Watanabe, the wetland ecosystem conservation expert from JET, recommended the Zoning Plan inside the Protected Area and Wildlife Refuges (WRs), Fence Installation in the south of Selkeh WR and access road in the south of Sorkhankol WR. In addition, He recommended strongly the establishment of new guard stations to enhance the protected area functions. Some of members were agreed and the further discussion will be continued.