10 day campaign for trial implementation of waste bring back system that is the fourth Joint Pilot Activity of the Waste Management Sub-committee under the Anzali Wetland Management Committee is going to be done with technical support by the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project- Phase II, during New Year holidays between 19 and 28 March, 2017 in Anzali City in five tourism boat stations, which were selected by the Boat Riders’ Association.

This campaign will targets tourists for this period. The second society who will be focused for next trial campaign which is going to be done during fishing season, are recreational fishermen who tend to dump the waste into the wetland due to longer stay in the wetland than the tourists.

During this campaign, 200 questionnaire that contents more on public awareness of tourists on Anzali Wetland and also waste issue in the Anzali Wetland, will be filled by the surveyors who are available in 5 boat stations. The project will provide some garbage bins in these stations and will set environmental banners and providing plastic bags to the tourists and encouraging them to bring their waste back and dumped in the considered garbage bins in the stations. The campaign is going to be implemented in the cooperation with DOE Anzali, Anzali Municipality and Boat Riders’ Association in Anzali City.